The Oahu Alternative Lodging Association (‘OALA) is a properly organized non-profit civic organization formed by concerned residents of the City and County of Honolulu, island of Oahu, Hawaii for the purpose of organizing discussions about maintaining a viable alternative lodging industry.  We view alternative lodging as a sustainable small business model that fosters and promotes economic diversity among our communities.


‘OALA encourages and supports the implementation of reasonable and civically responsible permitting of bed and breakfasts and transient vacation units (alternative lodging) throughout Oahu. ‘OALA encourages the development of a strong and well-regulated alternative lodging industry that will attract visitors and generally promote the economic welfare of our communities.

Membership and support is open to anyone who supports our goals & objectives regardless of whether or not they own or operate alternative lodging or would like to in the future. We recognize that the alternative lodging industry indirectly supports other small businesses and many families in our communities. We encourage owners and employees of small businesses that benefit from the alternative lodging industry to join with us & speak as one to the benefits of the industry.

Pursuant to our By-Laws the purpose of ‘OALA shall be to:

A. Provide an effective voice and efficient vehicle for united community action for all people involved with & benefiting from alternative lodging;

B. Encourage people to participate in the tourism industry through ownership of alternative lodging and businesses in support thereof; as well as gainful employment by such businesses;

C. Educate our fellow residents of the benefits of a diversified economy that includes alternative lodging.


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